Review: Gabe Zichermann & Christopher Cunningham - Gamification by Design

This month I read a book called Play at Work. It wasn’t what I expected. My hunger for learning gamification skills was still present. So I went for a new book. I found Gamification by Design, an O’Reilly book. Once again, expectations were raised. Were they met? Let’s find out!

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Yes! I have found a book that explains the mechanics behind gamification. What points systems are there? How do we decide to use levels? What kind of leaderboards exist? All these questions are answered. The most important one of all: if I want to use gamification, how do I do it? There’s even two worked-out examples to show you!

What is gamification? What are examples on how gamification works? And what is almost certain going to fail? This book explains it all. Really, when I was looking for a book on gamification, this is the book I wanted to read. Perfect!

Because it provided me with all I was looking for, I rate this book 4 stars. Sometimes, they went too deep into certain details. But they gave me the answers I was looking for. Plus code examples! Hooray!

Have you read Gamification by Design? Let me know and get 20 points!!