Review: Eric Schmidt & Jonathan Rosenberg - How Google Works

When Google executives write a book, you know there is something in it. What it is, you must find out. With that in mind, I started reading this amazing book to end my year of reading. Here’s my review!

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“If you focus on your competition, you will never deliver anything truly innovative.” – Eric Schmidt & Jonathan Rosenberg

Eric and Jonathan provide great insights in the philosophy behind Google. This internet giant has had many successes over the last two decades. But Eric and Jonathan don’t want really tell much about that. They talk more about how they work then what they accomplished. And about the projects that failed. Because: “to innovate, you must learn to fail well. Learn from your mistakes.

This book is full of funny anecdotes and jokes. Apart from the serious talk they want to give, Eric and Jonathan show that the people at Google are working the work life we all dream about. And if they don’t, they’re probably going to start a billion dollar company soon.

I liked this book, because it gave me insights in how Google works. Mission accomplished with a title like that, I guess. While I didn’t learn a lot of new things, it was a fun read and it feels great to know that the greater of companies know how it should be done. I rate this book 4 stars. Good job, Google!

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