Review: Eric Matthes - Python Crash Course

At my work, I needed to write some Python scripts. At first I thought I’d be alright, since I’ve learnt about Python some five years ago. Soon however, my Python skills proved insufficient. And so I searched for a good book to teach it to me.

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Thank the Heavens, I found a great book!

Python Crash Course: A Hands-On, Project-Based Introduction to Programming is a book that does exactly what the title says. It’s a crash course on Python. There’s the basics as well as some more advanced things. The book ends with three projects: a game, a REST API and a web application. The author even shows you how to work with some widely used frameworks.

This book was a relief for me, as it helped me boost my Python skills really fast. In a couple of hours, I felt comfortable writing the scripts I needed. Some hours later after working hours, I even created a web application with Django. And a computer game! Since the book is so effective, I cannot give it less than 5 stars. It does exactly what I hoped for.

Have you read Python Crash Course? Or another book that helped you boost your Python skills? Let me know in the comments section!