Review: Eric Barker - Barking Up the Wrong Tree

After finishing the books I wanted to finish in June, I thought I’d continue one of the series that I’d been reading. But wouldn’t that be too much of the same? I discussed this with my mental self and came to the conclusion that it doesn’t hurt to read something different. Hence, I took one of the self-improvement books I still had on my list. Here’s my review for Barking Up the Wrong Tree.

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Eric Barker does a good job at keeping you focused on what he’s saying. There’s a lot of stories, anecdotes and examples in this book to emphasise what he means. There’s some jokes here too. They keep the book playful and interesting.

The message that Barker gives you is strong. It opens up your mind to take things into account. Should you grit or should you quit? Immediately after I finished this book, I started measuring my time to see where I needed to quit. Surprisingly, it helped me.

I liked this book. It was well written, fun to read and provided a clear message. For a self-improvement book, I cannot ask more. So it deserves the ✩✩✩✩✩ stars I’m giving it. Well done, Eric Barker. You can expect a mail in your inbox soon.

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