Emily St. John Mandel - Station Eleven

I've had Station Eleven on my list for quite some time. The synopsis looked interesting, it received quite good ratings and it's a dystopian novel. Here's what I think of it!

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I’m reading some books about writing so I get some of the stuff writers need to do. This also means that I spot missing information or flaws quite fast. As I did in this book. It was quite sad, actually.

The book starts with chapters that seem hardly connected. Okay, there’s a link: all the ‘main’ characters seem to know Arthur Leander. But that’s it! For me it would be great after the first number of chapters, what the goal of the book is. Is the goal to survive? To find someone? To help someone or fix something? I had no clue at the beginning and I’m sad to say that I still don’t know.

There’s a lot of hopping back and forth in time. This also got me confused. Side characters get mentioned, then never heard of again. What happened to if you put a gun in the first act…? That made it difficult to follow in the beginning. Near the end I had a better idea who could be ignored.

One other thing that I disliked was the re-telling of events. Seriously, multiple events get explained multiple times in the story. Granted, by other people. But still they explain the same facts you already learnt earlier. What’s the use of that? I have no idea!

To end my list of complaints, I’d like to discuss the one thing that bugged me from beginning to end in this book. Okay, it’s a dystopian story. Spoiler alert. A lot of people die. I get it. Some time goes by. I still get it. There is no more gasoline and no more electricity. I don’t get it. Why would that be the case? The knowledge is still there. If you’re going to have a dystopian world at least make it realistic!

As you might guess, this book is not going to get a high rating from me. I had to look up my rating scale to see if it’d be one or two… I ended up with ✩✩. I really did not like this book, sorry.

Have you read Station Eleven? Do you agree with me? Or can you make a case for the book? Leave a comment and let me know!