Review: Emilie J. Howard - The Maestro

Cold Hollow is a city in Vermont, where a lot of things tend to go the wrong way. And I do not mean wrong in a soft way. It’s a city of parolees, run by an ex-parolee. If necessary, they take the matters in their own hands. One of the least interesting things that happens, is the wedding of the mayor. And that’s mostly what this story is about…

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I remember really liking the first book of this series. Even though it was quite short, the story took me back on the horror road. Then I read the second book, which I liked less. Mostly because the series was getting a “mystery” kind of vibe, instead of staying true to the horror genre. The third book is less about a mystery, but more some kind of suspense/horror story. Which would be better, if the story would contain suspense.

Something was really missing in this story. There was a lot of information that didn’t seem to matter much. Most of the story was about Myrna’s wedding. And it just didn’t add much to the story. There’s this small part about the newcomer of the town where we are left in the dark, but this is soon cleared out. Too soon, if you ask me.


I didn’t like this book a lot. I liked it better than its predecessor, Weaving the Web, but it just didn’t catch on to me. I also rate this book 3 stars, because I have hope for the oncoming story in the series: Vengeance. I hope the elements that didn’t seem to add up to this story, will be used in that one. That’s all I have for now.

Have you read The Maestro, or another story of the Cold Hollow series? Do you agree with me? Or did you like it more/less? There’s room for your response in the comments section!