Review: Donald Maass - The Fire in Fiction

I started reading this book after I had done two other books about writing. The Fire in Fiction was on my list as I saw it was praised for helping writers. So I read it. But it went slower than expected. With lots of exercises and chapters that didn’t seem to go further. Why? Let’s find out!

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You can see that Donald Maass knows what he talks about. He’s reviewed many manuscripts and quotes a lot of books in this masterpiece. He tries to teach you good techniques by showing how other authors use them. Each chapter has bonus exercises that you can use to improve your own work.

Fun fact: Donald Maass quotes Jim Butcher, John Scalzi and other writers that I’m a fan of. He points out why I like their books, even though I implicitly knew it. Now I know explicitly. While this was cool, there were some chapters that seemed to have too much examples for me. They sometimes slowed down my reading.

I am happy I read this book. When I start my novel – and the writing gears are really spinning in my head these days – I’m gonna try to follow this advice. I rate this book 4 stars. Well worth the read!

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