Review: Dennis E. Taylor - We Are Legion (We Are Bob)

For a year and a half, We Are Legion (We Are Bob) has been on my to-read list. It’s come to the point that a friend who I’ve recommended book has read this one before I have. And liked it. Which made him recommend it to me. I guess that’s how the world works. As a last space-themed book, I thought this one was quite appropriate. Here’s my review.

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In this book, we follow Bob Johansson for what is most likely the most unlikely story possible. Getting revived in the future, only to become an artificial intelligence? It’s a fun concept, but I liked how creative Taylor is. He has a sarcastic way of writing, providing plenty pop-culture references, that really floats my boat.

I don’t want to spoil, but the title already suggests it. And if you don’t get it, read the bible. At some point, there will be many Bobs. It is very funny, very weird and sometimes a little bit confusing. We view the story through many points of view, while still viewing it as Bob. Well done, I’d say. Although at some point it gets hard to keep track of the Bobs.

I enjoyed this book a lot. I’ve been laughing a lot, trying to convince other people to read it. The only problem I had was when I couldn’t keep track of the Bobs. The story is definitely not over, as there are many loose ends.Which means there will be more books like this. Hurray! My rating is ✩✩✩✩, by the way.

Have you read We Are Legion (We Are Bob)? Did you like it? Had some remarks on it? Care to share? There’s a comments section below just for that.