Review: Dean Koontz - The Silent Corner

I’ve read some Dean Koontz books before and I’ve always thought he was a good writer. They weren’t the best books I’ve read, but still pretty good. Then I found out his latest book was published in June. Since I’m on a reading spree, I thought this would be an added value to my list!

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“Those who were truly untrackable and yet remained able by various means to use the Internet undetected were said to be “in the silent corner.”

Dean Koontz throws you into this story. So in the first couple of chapters, I was still grasping at was going on. There wasn’t so much build-up, mostly because that was yet to come. After that, the story reads like a train. There is so much action and suspense in it, it fully explains the genre with the same name.

The subject of the book frightens me. Because it is so terrifyingly real. And that’s all I’m going to say about it. What is the subject? Read the book and find out!

I liked the ending of the book (spoiler alert), as it clearly indicates that more books about Jane Hawk will follow. I hope they’re as suspenseful and packed with action as this one. I’m a definite fan! But since there were some hiccups, like throwing me in the story like that. Therefore, I’m rating this one 4 stars.

Have you read The Silent Corner? What’s your opinion about it? There’s a comment section below to answer those questions!