Review: Dean Koontz - The Crooked Staircase

I’ve become a fan of the Jane Hawk series ever since I’ve read book one: The Silent Corner. After reading the second part, finding out that the third part has been published a few months ago and the fourth part is already expected near the end of the year, I had to keep up. Hence, I read The Crooked Staircase. It was not completely what I expected.

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For me, up until now, this is most likely the worst book in the series. That doesn’t mean much if the other two are great of course, but still. I had a lot of troubles with this one. First off, but this is kind of nitpicking, Koontz is not the best POV writer. He tries to make you follow certain characters, which is great, but you’re more in a God-like POV. You notice things that the character you’re currently following has no way of knowing/seeing/hearing.

Where The Whispering Room had a lot of stuff going on, this book actually focusses on two things only: getting information via Booth Hendrickson and building up for book four. While Koontz try to build up suspense, he’s actually slowing down the story a lot.

Also, why did I have to read book number two? Okay, there are two or three lines in this book that reference it. That’s all. Nothing more. It’s good to know what happened because you’re more into Jane’s head already, but still. I really think a lot more could have been done with what the second book built up.

I still like the concept of these stories and while I criticise the book in the above paragraphs, it’s still a page-turner. Koontz is really good at that. At some points the book is even funny. I’m just hoping he’s not ruining the series by writing that many books in such a short time. I’d prefer to have book four resemble The Whispering Room rather than this one. For me. this book is only worth ✩✩.