Review: Dave Mustaine & Joe Layden - Mustaine

This week I got to read the book about Dave Mustaine. What is he like? What is the real story that caused him to form Megadeth? What’s up with all those lineup changes? There were just too many questions for me, I couldn’t miss this opportunity. Here’s what I got from it.

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This book is a memoire by Dave Mustaine himself and reads quite like a train, actually. All those things happening to Dave, or to Megadeth; it makes you wonder whether it’s not really a fiction story. The book starts off with a nice cliffhanger, which is done really nice by Dave. I’m very glad with the outcome as I am a fan of Megadeth. If you haven’t heard them yet, be sure to check them out!

Dave Mustaine is one of a kind. But what’s funny is that he used to be quite arrogant – and frankly still is. You can’t blame him though. I think you become that way in the music industry. Especially in the heavy metal industry. It’s actually ironic how Mustaine had to fire so many artists, sometimes in a same way as he was fired himself from that other band we’re not going to name here (if you do want to know, just Google it).

I liked this book. I got some insights in one of my idols. I understand why some actions in his life have happened and why some choices were made. I think I respect him even more after reading this. It got me practicing his songs on guitar again, anyway. Thank you for inspiring people, Dave. You’re still doing a great job! I give your book 4 stars.