Review: Daniel Suarez - Influx

Wow. I just finished my 51st book of 2017. Holy cow. I can’t believe that number! After _How Google Works_, I thought I’d start reading Influx and see. Quite sure I’d finish it next month. And now BAM, it’s done! Get ready for my last review of 2017. Crap, now I got to revise my previous post about my 2017 in books. Oh well, here’s my view on Influx by Daniel Suarez.

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The beginning of this book was tough. The first chapter contained so much technological terms and scientific explanation, I almost put this book down. But after that, the story got a lot better. Things were more down-to-earth again. The story is still unbelievable, but that doesn’t make it a bad story.

Influx is about Jon Grady, a brilliant man who makes a life-changing invention. At least, life-changing for him. He then masters to overpower Artificial Intelligences that outsmart any human, and fight of a bureau of brilliant guys just like him. You can probably see where the story gets unbelievable, right?

What I liked especially about this book is that it explores the idea of a government agency, the Bureau of Technology Control, seizing technologies that can help humanity. They even hint at a solution for cancer that exists. One of my book ideas, right there. Awesome!

When you’re into this story, it’s really fun. When we loose the technical mumbo jumbo of the first chapter – which you’ll forget anyway – this book leaves you with a cool story. I rate this book 4 stars. It’s a fun read. Try it out!

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