Review: Daniel Suarez - Change Agent

I’ve done it! I have managed to read all books by Daniel Suarez! After _Daemon_, I was impressed. Suarez looked like a real good author. Since then, I read some good ones like _Influx_ and there was _Kill Decision_, which I found worse. In April 2017, he published Change Agent. I’ve been eager to read it ever since.

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The story is, again, about technology. But it’s different. Why? Because Change Agent is set in the near-future. In the 2040s to be exactly, where we follow the life of Kenneth Durand. In this near-future, genetic edits are the new black. Embryos are being edited to cure genetically passed diseases. But illegal black markets specialise in improving embryos to create improved humans. But that’s not what this is about.

Daniel Suarez is great at building suspense and providing us the necessary technological details. Not too many, though. But just enough. We follow Durand as he is the first human ever to be genetically edited alive. That he knows of. When he wakes up with the face of the most wanted criminal in the world, the hunt opens!

There was a rather long part in this book where Durand goes to meet his enemy. In these forests, there is so much going on that doesn’t seem to add much to the story. I thought it sad to read so much about getting there. While I understand the monks and their necessity for the story, I did not have the same feeling about their trip.

Overall, I liked Change Agent. Another 4 star book by Daniel Suarez. If you’re into this kind of techno-thrillers, you should really read this.

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