Review: Daniel H. Pink - When

If you haven’t heard from Daniel Pink yet, SHAME ON YOU! This non-fiction author about behavioural psychology has something to learn for EVERYONE. If you haven’t read Drive yet, I wish you do so now.

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There. I said it. Now on with the When review!

When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing is a book that explains to you why when is so important. A lot of books cover how, what or why. Pink’s focus in this book is on the psychology and biology of timing. For instance, have you sometimes felt fatigue in the afternoon? Yes? Then why do we keep making decisions at such times? Research has shown we will default anyway.

The way Daniel Pink writes a non-fiction book, you’d think he’s going for a fantasy novel. He knows so well how to add suspense and micro-tension that you can’t seem to put this book down. I’m actually wondering whether Pink has already thought about a fiction career. He’d succeed. Definitely.

If you care to learn about timing, pick up this 5 star book. Now is the time! Get it?

Have you already read this awesome self-help book? What are your thoughts? Let me know!