Review: Dan Ward - FIRE: How Fast, Inexpensive, Restrained and Elegant Methods Ignite Innovation

Books that talk about innovation and have a title like this one, spark my interest. Also, it’s written by a guy who used to be a magician. Definitely. Worth. Reading. Here’s my review of F.I.R.E.: How Fast, Inexpensive, Restrained and Elegant Methods Ignite Innovation.

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“10 to 1 is a good return. It’s even better if the 10 includes a trip to Mars.” – Dan Ward

I am so happy that I read this book. It’s awesome. A lot of what it’s about is common sense, but it’s written down for you. If you think Ward is misguided, he slams you in the face with a story that shows otherwise. Multiple stories even. Dan Ward explains his stuff in a very original and sometimes funny way.

FIRE is a book everybody who works on SOMETHING, should read. If you have a project, whether it’s software or not, this is how you should handle it. The result is not what you’d expect. But we can learn so much from this book.

I love books like this. FIRE is a great book. One of the best I’ve read in a while. I cannot rate it less than 5 stars. It’s really an awesome read. And the jokes were funny too.

Have you read Dan Ward’s book? What did you think of it? Also liked it? Share your thoughts with comments!