Review: Dale Carnegie - How to Win Friends and Influence People

As much as I like fiction books, I also want to improve myself. Hence, non-fiction books to the rescue! This time, it was How to Win Friends and Influence People that got my attention. Mostly because the title made me frown. But the ratings were so high. I wanted to know why. Here’s my opinion.

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This book doesn’t really tell you how to win friends, but explains what behaviour causes people te like you more often. For instance, if you remember people’s names they will appreciate you more. Might sound trivial, but do we do this at all times? It’s small things like this that make other people open up to us… and how they become friends.

There are a lot of tips in this book. That’s a plus, because it’s about self-improvement! But this book also has a lot of content, which makes it slow to read. I guess that’s the worst thing I can think of about this one. Keep in mind that it was written in 1936. And I think all the content is still applicable today.

A lot of the tips given by Dale Carnegie make sense and seem trivial, but that doesn’t mean we’re doing them. Anyway, I’m starting off today with some of the tips Dale Carnegie has written in this book. For the oldest book I’ve ever read, I give ✩✩✩✩!