Review: Cathy Yardley - Write Every Day

As a wannabe writer, I read a lot of books about the craft. Some give me great tips that I can use immediately. Others give me inspiration and hints for what I should do when I have more time. One of the problems my writer self has, is writing. Performing. So I figured I could read a book that would help me with that.

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Write Every Day does not give you writing advice. It does not focus on topics like character development or editing. Instead, it focuses on trying to write. What are things that stop you from writing? And at what moments are you able to connect the letters to form reasonable sentences? These questions are the ones you need to answer.

Crazily enough, this book reminded me about my job. In a good way. Cathy Yardley tells writers how to be agile. How to improve their process and how to remove motivation issues. That’s exactly what we want to do in the agile community. So thumbs up for you, Cathy Yardley!

I can recommend this book to every writer. Whether you’re a wannabe like me or a real professional. This book can surely give you some advice if you’re stuck. And so it does what it promises. Worth ✩✩✩✩ stars, if you ask me!

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