Review: C.T. Phipps - The Secrets of Supervillainy

Time for another superhero book! Or should I say… supervillain book! Last month I started reading a series called ‘The Supervillain Saga’. Another adventure for Merciless, the supervillain without mercy!

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There’s a lot more time between this third book of the series and its predecessor. Which is okay. Some things happen off-screen – if you can talk about a screen here – and that’s okay as well. The sad part is that the story takes a long time to really get interesting. There’s some time catching up for what you can’t read, but then there’s just a long time of nothing really happening.

The ending of the book gets a lot better. And when you’re at the edge of your seat… the book ends. Not the story though. I guess that’s okay, as the complete story would probably turn into a 600 page book… But the last battle was over before it started. A missed opportunity.

Don’t get me wrong. I still really like Merciless, his humor and his sidekicks. The points above are just things I noticed while reading. I think, of the three books I’ve read now in The Supervillain Saga, The Secrets of Supervillainy is probably the least good one. A ✩✩✩ book. Not bad, but I liked the previous two books more. Oh well. There’s a fourth book to make up for this!