Review: C.T. Phipps - The Science of Supervillainy

After reading the first three instalments of the Supervillainy saga, I was happy to continue the story of Merciless, the Supervillain without Mercy™. I must admit I was a bit sceptic in the beginning, certainly after The Secrets of Supervillainy but it did not prove necessary. Here's my review!

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We start the fourth book of this series right after the disappointing ending of the previous book. The author even had a comment on that.

“I’m man enough to admit the book needed a different ending and probably another third to deal with President Omega.” - C.T. Phipps on Twitter

President Omega is dealt with alright. Maybe a bit too soon, but it’s rather clear that he was just a very minor character in this book. At the time the evil president got defeated, I was still wearing my sceptic glasses. I missed a bit of action. Of course I didn’t know what C.T. Phipps still had in store for me.

The previous book was mostly filled with action and fighting the craziest battle of mankind. The Science of Supervillainy has a different focus. There is more character development for Cindy, Mandy, Diablo Man and most of the other side characters, as well as for Gary. Duh. This is one of the traits I had missed in the previous book.

I remember The Games of Supervillainy left me a bit sad near the end. I think I was even more sad after this one. Which only shows that C.T. Phipps can pinch us where it hurts the most: the heart.

Overall I liked this book almost as good as The Games of Supervillainy, because the story was great and the ending superb. Yet I’ve noticed inconsistencies, some of which are pointed out by C.T. Phipps in the book as well. Call it superhero-convenience. It’s things like The Hulk suddenly being able to control his anger at the end of The Avengers. I’m not going to go into detail because I don’t want to spoil the book and don’t get me wrong: this book is not filled with inconsistencies. It’s just that there are a few and I noticed them.

At first I wanted to give this book a perfect rating, but the small role the great villain of the previous book played in this one as well as what I mentioned in the paragraph above, made me go for ✩✩✩✩. Good job, C.T. Phipps! I’m curious to see how the story continues!

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