Review: C. T. Phipps - The Rules of Supervillainy

My theme for summer is Superheroes. Now, you can’t really have superheroes without their counterparts, can you? When I found this book, I thought it’d be a good way to start. I have read superhero books in the past, albeit with mixed feelings. What was The Rules of Supervillainy going to be like? I had no clue. Here’s what I found out.

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The first part of this series, which becomes clear by the loose ends left dangling throughout the story, contains a well-told origin story of Merciless, the supervillain without mercy. While in some books the loose ends can be annoying, they didn’t bother me here at all. Probably because so much was happening at a fast pace, or because the book was really funny. Or both.

The character Merciless likes to make fan of its own genre. He points out the historically grown flaws in his fellow villains and his opposing heroes. Deadpool much? It’s getting close. As a fan of the merc with a mouth, I need to admit that Merciless is not at the same level. But that doesn’t mean he’s not funny!

What a great book to start off this theme. I have enjoyed it from the first sentence until the very last letter. I was amazed how easy C. T. Phipps makes it all seem. Splendid, I must say. A job well done. What I was missing a bit, was more background in the cloaks. But then what would the other parts in the series be for, right? I rate this book ✩✩✩✩ stars!

Have you read The Rules of Supervillainy? Do you agree with my writings above? Or do you have different opinions? No worries, you can express them in the comments section below!