Review: Betty Bohm - Small Talk

For a book about small talk, the title Small Talk: How to Connect Effortlessly with Anyone, Strike Up Conversations with Confidence and Make Small Talk Without the Fear of Being Awkward is way too long. Just like the book, which is only 114 pages. Really, there’s too much text in this.

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(Very) Brief Recap

This book tries to teach you how to participate in small talk. It explains the concept of small talk and the social reasons why it is important. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. The book shows a lot of scenario’s describing different sentences in small talk.

My Two Cents

I read this book with some expectations. Number one, I wanted to learn things about small talk that I didn’t know yet. Also, I hoped to learn some tips to improve my own small talk skills. Last but not least, I was looking for some reasons why small talk is difficult for certain people. That way, I might be able to use those reasons when I finally write that book I’ve been dreaming about.


The book generally gets bad reviews. I have to agree. Most of the things said in this book are common sense. I think the book is great for people with little or no social skills, but for others it is a waste of time. Too bad though, I had high hopes for this one. In my opinion, two stars are all it deserves.