Review: Alastair Reynolds - Revenger

Another month in this warm Spring, so time for another themed book! Space, wasn’t it? Ha! You’re right it was! So what book is a good space book? I settled with Revenger, an Alastair Reynolds novel that was published in 2016. How was it? Worth reading? Enough waiting. Here’s my review!

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This book starts with space mumbo jumbo. Lots of it. There’s not so much explanation either, but maybe I’m not really used to it yet. You get the explanation as the story progresses. Then, the space mumbo jumbo transforms to pirate space mumbo jumbo. Pirates… in space.

Overall, the plot is good. That makes up a lot. But this book mainly builds up for a next story. That’s what’s sad about this story. There is a lot of potential, but it becomes clear about halfway through how it’s going to end, and the last part is more build-up then closure of the story.

For me, this is a ✩✩✩ book. I still enjoyed it, after I got used to the space mumbo jumbo. But in the end it wasn’t great. Maybe the second one will be better!

Did you enjoy Revenger? What are your thoughts on the book? Let me know in the comments section below.