Reading 101: Tips and Tricks to Help You Improve Your Reading

What if you could go to a place where you can forget all your worries and have a great time? Let’s say there’s a place that holds the answers for the questions you have. Wouldn’t you want to see it? Whether you want to learn something or just enjoy some time in a fictional world is up to you.

When I read a book that I absolutely love, there’s just one thing I want to do: talk about it with people. Then I notice how many people don’t read books. People tend to have excuses for everything, and reading is part of that. In this series of blogposts, Reading 101, I want to help you get a reading habit. Here’s an overview of this series so you know whether it’s something for you.

Excuses, Excuses & Excuses

We can’t start when you’re having doubts or excuses about whether this book thing is something for you. I’ll have a look at 9 excuses people give when asked why they don’t read books. Here’s the list, but I’ll go into detail in the next blog posts.

  1. Reading books is a waste of time.
  2. I’d like to read a book, I just don’t have the time for it.
  3. I don’t like books, never have.
  4. I never know which book to choose.
  5. What if I start the book and it sucks?
  6. I can’t hold focus for an entire book.
  7. I’m not smart enough for reading books.
  8. Books are too expensive.
  9. Reading books is boring. Duh.

In future posts, I’ll explain why each of those excuses is as fictional as the plots of books we’re going to talk about. I’ll do my best to convince you that there’s really no need for doubts. If anyone can read, so can you!

A Book for Everyone

Next, after you’ve accepted that you too can have the joy in life provided by reading books, it’s time to discuss what you can read. There is so much out there that I’m surely not going to cover everything. But here’s an overview of topics that come to my mind when thinking about book genres.

Like I mentioned, there are more genres out there but I’m going to stick it to these to ensure that the focus is about creating your reading habit. If you’d like, we can do a blog series about all the book genres too. But it’s a completely different thing. I’ll just go through these and explain that there is a book for everyone.

Analog vs. Digital

After finding what you want to read, we should consider how you want to read it. Books are made in different formats these days. There are paperback and hardcover books, which are still being printed at the time of writing this post. These analog formats have provided many a great deal of reading fun in human history.

But we live in the Internet era. This means everything is going digital and so are books. E-books have been around a while now. They allow you to read books on any device you want. They’re not the only digital book format anymore, though. Audiobooks are gaining popularity as different services provide them on all your devices as well.

Reading Mobile

One thing I’ve learnt from a book this year, is that you can go mobile with about anything. Reading falls under that category. Believe it or not, these days you can read basically anywhere. Allow me to point that out in the blog post about this topic. There’s so much places you can use to read your books. I’m not only talking about rooms in your house. I’m thinking of literally any place.

I like this image because it shows what I’m talking about. Are you in a store? Or living in an apartment above it? Are you on the side walks or driving in your car? Like I said before, literally any place is a place you can read nowadays.

So When Should You Do It?

Another step in the process of growing a habit is about doing it. So people question when to do it. In her book, The 8-Minute Writing Habit, Monica Leonelle shares an interesting insight about habits. If we start them small, we can grow them. If you read 8 minutes each day, you’ll create a habit and odds are you’ll exceed your daily minutes soon. Because that’s what good books do: they make you want to read more.

If you start with reading 8 minutes per day, this can happen anytime. We’ll discuss it in its own blog posts, but I already want to mention that digital books allow us to read at so much more times than we could a hundred years ago. With this advice, you’ll have insights on when you can read, where you can read, what you can read and how you can read it. That leaves us with only one more thing.

Make It Happen

Take action! Set goals, achieve them and let others know about it. This helps you create accountability. Plus, you can do things that help others. You could write reviews about books to let other people know what to expect of it. You could join Goodreads and set a reading challenge. Or you can find other challenges online.

With all that, you’ll have a habit of reading books daily. You can read anywhere, anytime on any device. There’s no more need for doubts. You can do this. If not for all the reasons I already mentioned and that I’m going to write about further, then at least because I can do it.

I hope you enjoy this series. Don’t forget to send me feedback! You can do that via a comment, through the contact form or with a tweet.