Reading 101: Read Anywhere! Go Mobile!

When I read books years ago, all I could think of was reading them after work on the sofa. Or right before bed. There weren’t more options. So if I was too tired, there wouldn’t be no reading that day. There had to be a different way. So I went creative and thought of other places where I could read. Let me share them with you!

In this series of Reading 101, I’m hoping to give you tips and tricks to help you improve your reading. We’ve first discussed some excuses people use for not reading books. Then we had a look at different genres. There is a book for everyone! Before this post, there was a summary on the types of books available. Now let’s have a look at where you can read.

Petty Chores

Everyone has petty chores. Whether it’s ironing, cleaning or mowing the lawn, we all have things to do at home. When I mow the lawn or help my wife cleaning, I listen to an audiobook. This truly is a lot of reading time. Even during cooking or washing dishes, you can listen to an audiobook. Let me share some things I’ve learnt from it.

Make sure you can concentrate on what you’re doing. Don’t pick a book that requires 100% of your concentration while you’re making a meal for the first time, following a recipe. Instead, pick something fun. A book that requires all of your focus is good for when you mow the lawn. Because mowing the lawn is simple and repetitive.

Also, if you’re helping your partner of someone else during the chore, it’s also advisable to not listen to a book. Because that person will want to communicate with you. Don’t be an asshole who ignores the other one. Collaborate!

On the Road

I spend a lot of time on the road. When you’re like me, you’ll also find this time wasted. What can you do? You’re driving your car for over one hour per day. It’s not like you could LISTEN to a book… right? Oh wait! Yes you can!

Then, for your job, you have to travel differently. Suddenly, you’re on the train for about an hour to get to your customer. Here, any format is possible! You can read paper books, e-books and listen to audiobooks. I myself prefer e-books over paper books on the train. I don’t know why, but for some reason I find it consumes less of my energy. Although I sometimes listen to an audiobook as well.

Even by bike or on foot, I try to listen to audiobooks as much as possible. Use as much of my time reading. You’ll find you can do it too!

Go Mobile

When I’m at a supermarket, I listen to an audiobook. Waiting to get my hair cut? Audiobook. Standing in line, anywhere? Audiobook. Waiting to get my food brought to me when I’m alone at a restaurant? Yep, I’m reading.

Once you commit to reading, you’ll find many places where it’s possible. These days, the digital era, books exist in all formats imaginable. Try it out. Look for moments in your life when you think you’re wasting time. Where are you at that place? Is it possible to use that time to read a book? Spoiler alert: the answer is probably yes.

There you have it. A blog post about all the places where I read. And what kind of books I read. Of course, I also read normal books late at night in my bed or when lying on the sofa. But that’s the smaller part of my reading time. Like I said, I try to read anywhere!

Now, what can you do with this? Let’s talk about that in my next blog post. I will introduce the 8-minute reading habit, based on the 8-Minute Writing Habit by Monica Leonelle. Let’s see how that goes.

Where do you read? I’m interested in finding out! Let me know by leaving a comment or sending me a tweet!