Reading 101: 9 Genres That Show the Diversity of Books (3/3)

After reading a book on creating a writing habit, I started thinking maybe I could help people get a reading habit. As I read a lot of books, I might have some tips or tricks that people could use. While I’ve already discussed some excuses people use for not reading, I’m currently looking at the variety of books there are. We’ve touched Crime, Comedy, Historical, Horror, Non-Fiction and Romantic already. Today, we’re discussing three more genres: Science Fiction, Suspense and Young Adult.

Science Fiction

Ah, science fiction. The most nerdy genre I will discuss. Why do I call it the most nerdy? Because a lot of people like it for its technical aspects. The world made up in this genre is mostly scientifically covered, or at least as much as possible. As Goodreads calls it, the genre can be viewed as a “literature of ideas”. Well isn’t that poetic!

When I think about science fiction, I think about space. There are a lot of space opera’s out there. I really enjoyed the Hyperion series by Dan Simmons. Daniel Suarez doesn’t go into space (yet), but he’s also great at scientifically supporting his theories. Then there’s Michael Crichton and Alastair Reynolds. There are too much to list here, actually!


Do you like stories that build up a lot? Books which make you edge and edge on your proverbial chair? These kind of books build up suspense, and so the genre is named like that. A good suspense story grips you at the first page and makes you hate yourself for putting the book down before it’s over.

Like some of the genres I’ve discussed already, Suspense is one that I really like. I love books that make you feel bad for putting them down. Books can be good at suspense, while the story itself is not so powerful. It’s a skill on its own, adding suspense to a book. Not everybody masters it, but when an author does, it’s mostly fantastic.

I’m not going to provide you a list of authors, because I’m mostly going to repeat myself. If you want examples of suspense books, have a look at Goodreads. They created a list about the genre! Go check it out.

Young Adult

A lot of people are into young adult books. What are young adult books? Mostly, they’re for people who are… young adults. This means for people with ages between 13 and 18. Or at least, that’s how most of these books start. If it’s a series, it might progress and age together with its readers. Or not. It all depends on the series and author.

I haven’t read so much young adult books myself, but I’m sure Goodreads can help with a list of books. See! In 2017, I read a book about superhero teens. It wasn’t my thing, but I can see why people of that age could like it. If you’re interested, it was written by Scott Westerfeld, Margo Lanagan and Deborah Biancotti.

There are many genres you can read. I’ve only touched a small surface here. Genres that I didn’t discuss include Love, Thriller and Western. I can continue writing posts about genres, but that’s not what this series is about now is it?

Reading 101 is about providing you tips and tricks to help you improve your reading. Let’s take it to the next level. Let’s check out what types of books there are. Paper books, e-books and audiobooks. That’s what we’ll be talking about in the next episode of Reading 101!

Do you want to share something about these genres? Authors you like? Questions you still have? Just leave a comment in the section below!