Reading 101: 9 Genres That Show the Diversity of Books (2/3)

There’s a place where everyone can be happy. It’s the most beautiful place in the whole world. Sounds like a song you might have heard, but it’s true! You can go somewhere to relax. Chill out, man! The best part is: you control everything in that world. You can create it yourself.

Want to read books but don’t know where to start? I’m here to help! I’ve started a series of blog posts called Reading 101. We’ve already covered some stuff: doubts and excuses people use, as well as [three genres][1] of books. Here’s three more genres for you: Horror, Non-Fiction and Romantic.


Do you like spooky things? I don’t mean the Scooby Doo kind of spooky here. I mean terrifying, gross, keeping-you-awake-at-night kind of spooky. Because that’s what this genre is all about. Horror books often use a lot of suspense elements, but they have the sole purpose of making you scared. If only a little.

I am a huge fan of the horror genre. It’s very different from movies, where a lot of horror stories are hacker slashers and just plain gory. I like my horror books best when there’s a psychological aspect to it.

I’ve always been a Stephen King fan, but I found Thomas Olde Heuvelt recently. Also King’s son, Joe Hill, is doing a great job in the scene. You can find more horror books on Goodreads as well.


The non-fiction genre consists of many kinds of books. There are biographies, cookbooks, self-help books or books that contain facts. While I am most interested in self-help books, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the other ones. I occasionally read some biographies too. When done right, they can be fun and helpful!

I read a lot of non-fiction books. Most of them are work-related, but since this year I’ve also started to read books about writing. They help me grow confident and I try to take at least one lesson from each book. For now, that works just fine. I can’t tell you much about the other types of non-fiction books, but I’m sure you can find it out for yourself!

You guessed it! There is a page on Goodreads where you find info on the non-fiction genre. I myself am a big fan of the Arbinger Institute and like to read biographies about famous musicians, like Dave Mustaine or Scott Ian. This is definitely a genre that has something for everyone.


About romantic: a lot of people read these books. I’m not one of them. It doesn’t work for me but that doesn’t mean it can’t work for you! A lot of romantic books also come in series, so that you can stay connected with your favourite romantic characters longer than one book. If you like love stories, dramas, erotic tales and things like that, don’t look any further. This genre is perfect for you!

As I don’t read a lot of romantic books, I cannot really point you to certain authors. However, Goodreads once again has a list. A few days ago, they asked to complete the following sentence on Twitter: “You know you’re a romance reader when…”. You can find the thread here. Check it out to see if you recognise yourself in this. If you do, you should really start reading this kind of books.

There. I tried to give you some thoughts on three more genres. In total, we’ve now had a look at six already. There’s three more to come. Not because I want to keep rambling on about this topic, but because I want to point out that there is a lot of diversity in books. And two books are never the same. Unless of course, they have the same title and author. Then they’re probably the same…

In the next part of Reading 101, we will have a look at Science Fiction, Suspense and Young Adult. I’ll provide you with my favourite authors and reasons to read those genres. Stay tuned!

Do you have a question about these genres? Or are you interested in knowing more? Drop a comment!