Reading 101: 9 Excuses Why People Don't Read Books (3/3)

Assume that you really want to take some time off. You don’t really have the money to travel far and every place you can think of that is reachable, is filled with people you know. All you want is to relax and not be disturbed. Well, do I have the place for you! It’s a place you can make up yourself and you don’t have to travel far to get there. Bear with me!

When I read a book that I absolutely love, there’s just one thing I want to do: talk about it with others. Then I notice how many people don’t read books. They tend to have excuses for not reading. In this series of blogposts, Reading 101, I want to help you get a reading habit. Like I mentioned before, we can’t start with you having doubts and excuses about this book thing. Here are the last 3 excuses I have heard people use when it comes to reading. Let me point out they’re as fictional as the place I described above.

7 Too Dumb for Books

“They always told me books are for smart people. I don’t think I’m smart enough” – anonymous

Wow. That’s a ridiculous statement. Granted, there are books that you cannot read unless you have a college degree or even the level of a doctoral student in that particular field. But let’s not generalise those books. If anything, most books out there are the ones anyone can read. Because authors want to tell their story to as much people as possible. Why would they make it too difficult to read?

There are books for everyone. If you’re doubting your intellectual degree, you can start with fiction books. Don’t go for a genre like science fiction where there might be a lot of technical talk. Instead, have a look at detective stories. Or romance books if that’s what you prefer. Go on from there. Or try non-fiction books. Look at what other people are saying about the books on a website like Goodreads. They’ll help you decide whether the book is something for you!

8 Not Enough Money

“I can’t afford a lot of books. They’re too expensive!” – anonymous

This one I can understand. If you look at the prices of some books, you can seriously doubt whether this book thing is worth the cost. Here’s some advice though: don’t believe everything you see. Okay, a book you want might be pricy on your favourite online web-store. Why not go to a local book fair? Prices tend to be lower there! Or wait until there are discounts.

Try other formats. You can get an audible account for 15$/month. This gives you one credit you can use on any audiobook. If you use it wisely, you can take a book that lasts over 30 hours. Unless you’re already an advanced reader that fills his time with it, odds are such a book can last longer than a month. Meaning you’re paying 15$ for a book while prices are often over 25, that’s really good. Don’t you agree?

For e-books it’s different. You’ll just have to look around the web-stores. Sometimes an e-book costs slightly less than it’s paper brother. If you’re lucky, on the other hand, you might pay less than 3$ for books that come in this digital format. It’s really about knowing where to look being patient. No worries, I’ll give you some tips when we get to the blogpost about the different book formats.

9 Reading is Boring

“Reading is boring. Duh.” – anonymous

So, you don’t want to read books because you think they are boring. What is it you prefer, then? Do you like movies, maybe? Are you a fan of series? I, for one, don’t really see much difference between a good book or a good movie. Other than that you get the chance to interpret things yourself, of course.

I’ve already mentioned them in this post, but have you had a look at audiobooks already? An action-packed thriller read by a great narrator has the same (or even more!) value than a good movie. In my opinion, listening to audiobooks opens up a perspective you might not have yourself. Of course, you’ll need a narrator that’s good at the job. If you want some pointers, here are a few.

This series of blog posts started off with some notes on excuses people give for not reading books. I’ve given you my perspective and tried to assure you that there’s no need for doubts when it comes to reading. I hope you got what I’ve been saying.

What’s next? I’ll discuss some genres to show you the diversity between books. I won’t discuss all the genres. We don’t want this series to last forever, do we? I’ll explain them a bit and give you some facts. Here and there might also be some things I like to call my opinion. I will stress that one out when necessary.

Do you still see reasons why you shouldn’t read a book? Leave a comment! This topic is open for discussion.