Reading 101: 9 Excuses Why People Don’t Read Books (2/3)

Imagine a place where you can let it all go. Where every question you have is answered and all you’re doing is having a great time. That place exists. It’s where we go when we read books. Excited? Or maybe a bit scared? Hold on! Because whatever happens in that fictional world is completely up to you.

When I read a book that I absolutely love, there’s just one thing I want to do: talk about it with people. Then I notice how many people don’t read books. People tend to have excuses for everything, and reading is part of that. In this series of blogposts, Reading 101, I want to help you get a reading habit. Like I mentioned before, we can’t start with you having doubts and excuses about this book thing. Here are 3 more excuses people use when it comes to reading, and why I think they’re as fictional as the world I described above.

4 The Right Book

“I never know which books to choose. How do I pick the right book?” – anonymous

Ah, so you have come to the conclusion that you want to read a book. But which book is the right one? As with many things in life, there probably is no correct answer to this question. The good part is that no one can tell you what the right book is. Only you can decide that. I can show you great books that are right for me. They might not interest you at all! Get my point?

There are so many genres to read from. I will discuss these in future blog posts, but I can assure you that there is a book for everyone! When you are looking for tips about your job or hobby, there’s books for that. If you want to read passionate love stories, there’s romantic books and probably some erotic ones you might like too. You might like crime, fantasy or suspense. And there’s science-fiction for the techies that are with us. Look at all those books below! There must be one you like. Just pick one and start. You’ll see!

5 What If…

“What if I start the book and it sucks? What then?” – anonymous

What if you get a job and it sucks? What if you’re in a relationship and after a certain period you find that it sucks? Imagine you’re doing a hobby and at some point in time it becomes chore. It sucks. What do you do? You quit. Exactly!

Books have something in common with your job, your hobby or even your partner. Like they say: there are plenty of fish in the sea. If you have a crappy job, quit it and find a better one. The same goes for your hobby and even your unsuccessful relationship. There are so many books. Am I the only one here who finds it weird that just one would stop you from reading others?

While you can always quit a book and pick up a different one, I want to encourage you to read as much as you can. Because some books have a tendency of getting better once you’re in the story. Or when you get through the horribly long tale that’s supposed to be the main character’s background. Most of the time, the entire book is worth getting through the first parts.

This might be different for non-fiction books. In non-fiction, you’re reading a book about a certain topic. If you have knowledge the author didn’t have when writing the book or if the book is too simple for you at your level of mastery of the subject, put it down. There’s no need to waste time on something you already know or know better. There’s no shame in that. You just need to find a book that’s right for you. I’ll try to help you do that in the next blog posts.

6 Concentration Problems

“I can’t hold focus for an entire book. I’ve tried! I just lose my concentration.” – anonymous

When you can’t keep your concentration when reading a book, there might be a lot of things going on. For one, the story might take too long to get interesting for you. That can be the case. In fact, I’ve experienced the same thing and it’s the reason why I no longer read books from the Romantic genre. If that is the case, just put down the book and read something that has more action or suspense in it. That’ll surely keep your focus!

Is the problem related to your environment? Are you trying to read a book at a place where people keep disturbing you? If that is the case, you might not want to give up on the book yet. Not all hope is lost. You need to find a better place to read your book. Why not take the book mobile? Maybe you can listen to the audio version or use an e-reader while you’re on the train. In 2018, this is all possible.

When are you losing your focus? Does it happen after five minutes? Or after you’ve been reading for half an hour? Maybe the problem is not in the environment or the book, but in the timing you use for your reading. Maybe you need to take a break. It helps in other situations like your job or your studies. Why not use the same strategy for reading your book? I’ll explain later why I think the 8-minute habit rule of thumb is a good starting point for reading books.

It’s great to see you’ve reached this far. We’ve covered some excuses that you mainly have when you want to read books, but doubts stop you for some reason. The thing is, there is no reason to wait. You can read now. You are reading now. How about that?

Next up, the last 3 of 9 excuses I listed up in the overview blogpost of this series. They’re a bit more bold and I’ll do my best to help you understand why they don’t add up. If you have suggestions on these posts, you can let me know by replying to his one. Just leave a comment. It’s highly appreciated!