Reading 101: 9 Excuses Why People Don't Read Books (1/3)

What if you could go to a place where you can forget all your worries and have a great time? Let’s say there’s a place that holds the answers for the questions you have. Wouldn’t you want to see it? Whether you want to learn something or just enjoy some time in a fictional world is up to you.

When I read a book that I absolutely love, there’s just one thing I want to do: talk about it with people. Then I notice how many people don’t read books. People tend to have excuses for everything, and reading is part of that. In this series of blogposts, Reading 101, I want to help you get a reading habit. But we can’t start when you’re having doubts or excuses about whether the book thing is something for you. Here are the first 3 of 9 excuses people use when it comes to reading, and why I think they’re fictional.

1 Waste of Time

“Reading books is a waste of time. I got better things to do, you know.” – anonymous

I agree that there are more important things in life than books. There’s your family (which should ALWAYS be your #1), your friends, your work, your hobbies, and probably a lot more that I can’t come up with right now. Does that mean you can never read a book? No! Books are there to help us in life.

While I must agree that there are many books that might not be useful to you given your current time-consuming situation, there are books that can help you with what you’re doing. If not about the topics I already mentioned, then at least I could recommend you books about time management. Given your extremely busy life, you might need some help in getting it organised.

Topics like activities you can do with family and friends, improvements at your job and better performing at your hobbies are most likely written down by someone. It doesn’t mean you have to believe everything they discuss, but reading a book about such topics can shed a different light on the topic you hadn’t seen yet. Or maybe just confirm you had it right all along.

But what if you don’t need help about time management and you’re already up to date. Maybe all you want is some time off. What better place than in a fictional world where nobody can disturb you? There are so many fiction books out there that help us get a break from life. Maybe that’s all you need, to continue in your super busy life.

2 Not Enough Time

“I want to read, I just don’t have the time for it.” – anonymous

Some people have a very busy life. That’s a fact. When it comes to reading, some of them use excuse # 1 and others use # 2. If you’re not someone who wants to read but sees no opportunities to do it, just pretend you are. You’ve got to work 40 hours per week, drive 2 hours per day from and to your job and there’s kids to take care of. Then there’s your spouse who is also not content with you ending your day with a nose in a book.

Given that life, it is indeed hard to find time to read a book. At least for those who don’t see the opportunities there. If you really want to read, you can read! That’s basically it, you know. If you’re interested in a book, there are two options. Either you make time to read it, or you use your time wisely.

With an e-reader you can easily read 15 minutes per day. You could do this while your spouse is in the bathroom, preparing for the day. You heard me, that’s in the morning. Or when children have gone to bed. And if there’s really no option of reading at home, go mobile. Listen to an audiobook while walking from your car to your work, or in a super market.

If you’re able to split your focus well, maybe listening to an audiobook in your car is something for you. If you’re stuck in traffic, not driving harder than 30 mph for over 30 minutes, this is a good place to start. I would only advice listening to audiobooks for longer drives at higher speeds if you know what you’re doing! Otherwise, stick to slow speeds or turn off the audiobook. As much as you want to read that book, it’s not worth your life.

3 I Hate Books

“I don’t like books, never have. I’ve actually always hated them!” – anonymous

When reading this quote, do you agree with it? If so, I don’t believe you! If you’ve always hated books, why are you reading a series of blog posts about how to get a reading habit? If you’ve never liked books, it probably has more to do with the way you’ve always been pushed to them rather than the books themselves.

I know what I’m talking about here. When I was in school, I hated books. Not because of what was in them, but because I we had to read to get good grades. And we were pushed books up our throats. There was no (or hardly any) choice in what to read.

Here lies the beauty in reading out of school: you decide what you read. And there truly is something for everyone. There’s so many genres from which I’ll discuss some in future posts of this blog post series. Just like movies, there are different kinds of genres and cross-overs that it’s hard to find someone who likes none of them at all.

Brief Conclusion

So far, we’ve looked at 3 excuses people give when asked why they don’t read books. I’ve tried to advocate the book people while also bearing in mind the busy lives of us. Truth is, most of us have a busy life. We’re not all so lucky to live a life of luxury with time to spare to read all the books we want. I swear, I’d need years to non-stop read all the books I want…

Next time, we’ll discuss 3 more excuses. Do you get what I’m saying? Or do you have a different opinion on those quotes? Any suggestions, feedback or criticism is welcome in the text field below this blog post.