Reading 101: 3 Steps to Make it Happen

Imagine a world that’s yours. Where you decide whatever happens. How everybody sounds and with what accent everybody speaks. That’s the nice thing about fiction. You decide! So how about you get your books by your hand and start reading!

With my series, Reading 101, I try to help people to get a reading habit. Like myself. I’m able to read 10 books each month. You can do it too, you know! There’s no more time for excuses. There are so many genres you can read. So many types of books for you in this digital era. You can read anywhere. Anytime! Now let’s make it happen.

#1 Set Goals

Set goals for yourself. And be truthful about them. If you haven’t reached your goal, then change your goal. Don’t lie to yourself. And celebrate when you achieve your goal. That’s also very important. Because it’s fun!

#2 Share Your Progress

Become accountable. Share your progress with your friends, your family, even your Twitter followers. Show them how you’re doing. Be open about it. There’s nothing to loose. But so much to win. You’ll see people cheering you on and pushing you forward. Most of all: you’ll find people saying things like “wow, I wish I could do that”.

#3 Rinse, Repeat

If you feel that you’ve overdone or underdone yourself, challenge your habit. Can you improve it? Can you change the way you currently read books so that you read more, or more efficient? Think about it. There’s nothing to stop you in this, except for you. Just rinse your habit and repeat. You can do this!

That’s it. You’ve done it! You’ve managed to read through my posts about creating a reading habit. Now, one last thing. Let me know your progress. Share it with me. I’ll be glad to talk to you about it. Talking about books is fun, you know. Just wait till you finish your first wow-book. You’ll understand what I mean!

With this I conclude my Reading 101 series. Did you like it? Should I try another series? Or call it quits and stick with book reviews? Your opinion matters. Let me know in the comments section or via Twitter!