Paul Woodruff - The Ajax Dilemma

I read a lot of books. So I talk a lot about books. A few months ago, I was given The Ajax Dilemma by a friend. It was interesting!

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Paul Woodruff is a philosopher and this Dutch translation of his book starts with a foreword by another philosopher. I knew one thing before reading and I’ve been reminded throughout this book: I’m not a philosopher. I didn’t like the foreword. Too much terms and words too complicated for a book like this one.

Then there’s Woodruff’s work. First he explains the story about Ajax and Odysseus, filled in some gaps with some personal touches. He does this well. Also when he starts interpreting the story from a leadership point of view, he does a good job.

The last half of this book consists of a lot philosophical rambling about the characters and the plot of the story. Who was wrong and who was right? Was someone right? Was someone wrong? And on and on it goes…

I’ve looked forward to reading this book and I’m glad that I did. It has surely helped me thinking about myself and my actions, both professionally and personally. But I hated the philosophical parts. And that was more than half of the book. Therefore, I cannot rate it more than ✩✩✩.

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