Other Blogs

Where there’s one, there’s more. Here’s a list of blogs that might interest you.


Peter Clines has a blog called WRITER on WRITING. It’s full of tips from a writer’s point of view, with many pop-culture references, cool pictures and writer rantings. Check it out!


Ever heard of this blog? It’s John Scalzi’s! There’s a lot of different topics here. Sometimes he posts pictures, or reports from events he attended. Sometimes there’s personal opinions or his series of Big Ideas. Be sure to go there and have a look.

Agile Thoughts and Things

Care about agile? Then do I know a blog for you. Oana Juncu is pretty well-known in the world of software development as she gives many talks about different topics. She doesn’t post a lot on her blog, but when she does it is worth it.

Barking Up the Wrong Tree

After reading his book, I spent some time learning more about Eric Barker. Turns about he too maintains a blog. It’s filled with a lot of self-improvement tips as well as books to read. Make sure to visit this one.

Shirley Cuypers

There is this Belgian girl who spends a lot of time blogging, promoting books and living the social media life. She owns a blog where she discusses books, lifestyle and make-up. While the last two don’t interest me a lot, I appreciate the time she takes for writing posts about books. By the way, she made a list of book bloggers. I’m on there too. Yay!

The Goodreads Blog

Goodreads is one of my favourite websites. Not only do I find out about books there, I am able to track my progress, list books and connect with other people. And they have a blog. They post a lot of book lists and have great book contests. Be sure to check them out as well!