New Year's Resolutions 2018

The first day of 2018 was spent dealing with the aftermath of 2017. Resting, seeing family, eating leftovers. That kind of stuff. But now it’s the second day already! That means: game on! Time for some new year’s resolutions. They include some changes, and so I thought it was time to change the layout of the blog as well. Hope you like it! Here are my five new year’s resolutions for 2018.

1. Read 60 books

Last year I was able to finish 51 books. I can do better. At least that’s the positive attitude I want to have. This leaves me with no choice: I will raise my bar. I set my target of the 2018 reading challenge to 60 books.

What’s your Goodreads reading challenge for 2018? Raise your bar. Let me know in the comments section!

2. Have a more varied book appetite

I’ve set my reading challenge at 60 books this year. That means I’ll finish 5 books per month. The last years, I’ve went through a lot of series, dropping other books to finish those series. I’d like to make things a bit more strict this year. I’ll have the following rules each month.

Of course, there can be combinations. I could read a non-fiction book that’s part of a serie. Or a fiction book that’s in the theme I chose. It’ll be a great challenge! Don’t you agree?

3. Write more blogposts

I’ve had some months in 2017 where I wrote more than other months. In some months, I was only able to provide you 4 posts. I. Must. Do. Better. I will do my best to give you 7 blogposts each month. At least. And I’ll add some stats about this in next year’s stats post. Because I think it’s important. But I won’t just write things you don’t want to read. I’ll do my best to keep my posts full of interesting content.

4. Use an improved rating scale

I’ve never really had a structured scale for rating my books. This resulted in me sometimes regretting my rating after a certain period. So to improve this, I want to make an explicit scale on how I rate my books.

  1. I couldn’t even finish this book. Ugh. I wouldn’t even accept this if I received it as a gift.
  2. Wtf? What was wrong with this author? Okay, I finished the book. That doesn’t mean I get it. Or like it.
  3. Meh. This book was okay-ish. I’ve read better books. I also read worse. Probably not worth reading again someday, though.
  4. This book was cool. I could talk about it if you want me to. I’ll provide you with details and recommend it to you, if it’s the kind of books you like.
  5. Wow. This. Book. Is. AWESOME! I can’t believe it’s over. OMG. Can’t I start reading it again? I must talk about this book. To everyone! It’s so amazing!

That’s my scale. Plus, I’ll have it on a separate page on this blog. So you can always look back to it! And I’ll use star icons. Because. Icons.

5. Don’t say “I can’t do it”

I was going through Twitter and found this image. It encapsulates everything I should do more in 2018. It’s why I push myself to a higher level. Have a look.

What are your new year’s resolutions? I’d like to hear about them!