My Year in Books - 2018

Wow. I have been so busy, the end of the year flew by and now we're already living the January life. Looks like I need to write some more posts, don't I? How about I start off with one that I do every year: a reflection on my year in books.

The numbers

This year I have surpassed my biggest hopes, in terms of reading, that is. My reading challenge was set to 60 books. This choice was made because I was able to read 50 in 2017 and I knew I would have more time in 2018. And then it was September or October, and suddenly I had read 60 books! And so I adjusted my goal, but only for myself, to 75. And I nailed it! 75 books is where the counter ticked off in 2018!

As I’ve read 24 books more in 2018 than in 2017, it’s obvious that I’ve read more pages. Unless the additional number of books would have been really short ones, but that’s not the case. I flipped through 22,175 pages in 2018. That’s over 5000 more than my number of 2017, when I turned 16,951 pages. Crazy, right?

My average rating is going down. Boohoo. I guess that makes sense. The more I read, the harder it gets to compare books. Plus I become more aware of things that I like and dislike in books. I seem to be pulling down the rating of Six of Crows though, because I rated it a lot less than the average 4.47!

The books

I tried to read as much as possible in 2018. That included series, non-fiction books, challenges (most often I was the challenger too) and stand-alone fiction books.

Some of the series that I read are the Brilliance saga by Marcus Sakey and The Passage trilogy by Justin Cronin. There were also The Supervillainy saga by C.T. Phipps and the Bobiverse books by Dennis E. Taylor. Those are all a lot of fun. I managed to read up on some of the series I was already following, like Orphan X, Jane Hawk and The Dresden Files. It was a good year for series, I must say.

In the non-fiction category, I started the year with some books on coaching and writing. Then I moved on to gamification, time management, blockchain and software architecture. I had some great laughs with I Can’t Make This Up by Kevin Heart and was able to get my hands on a copy of the superb Black Box Thinking by Matthew Syed.

I tried to have some challenges in reading as well. I tried to read in themes, like Superheroes, Horror, Books with a blue cover. That worked out fine. It’s fun to do, but got hard to keep up near the end of the year. Not because I couldn’t find the books but because I couldn’t find the time to read further.

If you want a list of all the books I’ve read, you can find it on My Year in Books at Goodreads.

Expectations for 2019

I’m currently running behind on my posts, so I’ll need to write a wrap-up for December soon. Maybe a small post about 2018 statistics as well. And then it’s time to start reading, folks!

What books will 2019 bring? I’m not completely sure at all. I’m thinking about setting the reading challenge to 50 again. I already know I will have less time to read then in 2018. So I hope I will manage this challenge and read some amazing books. Like the following.

Want to know more about some of the books mentioned above? Or do you have an opinion? Go ahead and leave a comment!