My year in books - 2016

About a month ago, Goodreads showed me my 2016 in books. Where did reading take me last year? How did I do in comparison to 2015? In a previous post, I already mentioned that I completed my reading challenge. 30 books was the goal and 31 was the achievement! Let me present you a look back at the books I read, the pages I logged, and all of my bookish highs and lows.

The numbers

As I mentioned before, 2016 ended with a reading streak of 31. That’s a lot more than 2015’s 19 books! Even though I almost doubled that number of books read, the number of pages has only increased slightly. Well, slightly in relation to the increase of books of course. 13,354 pages were logged in 2016, in comparison to the 10,054 logged pages of 2015.

This means I read less books in 2015, but they had a lot more pages. The average length of my books was 431 pages. While my 2015 books had a stunning 529 average. An extra number that shows this difference is the number of pages of the longest book I read. Joe Hill’s The Fireman had 747 pages, while the longest book I read in 2015 – Stephen King’s full version of The Stand – had 1,153 pages.

Above you can see my average ratings for the last two years and the highest rates. It comes to no surprise that The Martian was the highest rated in 2015. It was the release year of that movie with the same name. It was also the release year of Jurassic World, causing a dazzling 728,800 readers to read Jurassic Park. The books I read in 2016 had nothing to do with movies. Reading the Dresden Files was my main achievement and 296,137 other readers also started the series. At least, that many read Storm Front in 2016. Check it out, it’s really awesome!

The books

The year started off with some books that, in retrospect, deserved lower ratings. Suspect by Robert Crais is a good book, but might not be worth the 4 stars I gave it. On the other hand, it’s a nice story. So I don’t really know. Next in line was a non-fiction book about writing. Book Launch, by Chandler Bolt, is quite a good book when you don’t know what you’re getting into. Too bad I already knew most of it. After that, I read a historical fiction romance. I still don’t know why. It’s not my genre, that’s for sure. All Hallows at Eyre Hall by Luccia Gray was nothing for me, even though there was a great character called the sin-eater. That character solely made me rate the book 3 stars. One too much, now that I think of it.

I met Daniel Suarez – or at least his books – in 2016. Daemon and its follow-up Freedom™ are great. They certainly made up for the weaker start of the year. I also read Kill Decision but it wasn’t as good as Daemon and Freedom. At least that’s my opinion. Daniel Suarez was the first author of whom I read more that one book in 2016. There were only three other authors that came across my list multiple times. Some covers are displayed below.

In 2015, I started reading the epic Hyperion of Dan Simmons. Half of it was done, but the Endymion parts remained. So they had to be read. And it was worth it. The ending of the epic cantos is too good for words. Definitely worth the four 480+paged books. After that I also ended other series that were started in 2015. Peter Clines’ The Fold is the follow-up story of 14 and it is even better. It made me a fan of the author. That’s why I also read Ex-Heroes in 2016, the first book of another series. I also read The Lost World of Michael Crichton.

I finished another series in 2016. I read Storm Front, the first of the Dresden Files in March. Skin Game, the final book in the series at this moment, was finished in December. The Dresden Files are about Harry Dresden, a professional wizard in the town of Chicago. They involve the world as we know it with the supernatural. Vampires, demons, fairies, werewolves. You name them, the books probably got them. The books contain many jokes, making them easy to read. And the characters grow well during the series. If there is one book I can advise you to read, it’s the Dresden Files. Even though it’s a series of 15 books… They’re all so amazing!

In the pictures above, you can see the complete list of books I read in 2016. The year ended with Joe Hill’s The Fireman. As mentioned in my last blogpost, I thought it would let me down. The beginning was good, the middle part started making me think the ending would disappoint… But the ending was perfect. I couldn’t imagine a better ending to an epic story.

Expectations for 2017

What books will 2017 bring? Well, I’ve taken the reading challenge and set the goal to 35 books. What will I read? Probably what comes to mind. However, there is a small list that will definitely pass the revue…

Want to know more about some books? Or give your opinion? Go ahead, you’re only a comment away!