Martha Alderson - The Plot Whisperer

I'm a bit of an amateur writer, as you've probably noticed around this blog. Maybe someday I'll write a book, maybe not. Anyway, I'm hoping books about writing can help me at achieving this dream. For that reason, I started reading The Plot Whisperer.

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I was eager to read this book and had high expectations. Expectations that were almost destroyed by the first topic in the book. The so-called Universal Story theory is not something that I liked reading about because I simply don’t believe in it.

That being said, after bearing with Martha Alderson and finishing her book, I get what she’s saying. Sometimes a story can feel like the way it is written is the way it has to be written. And when you get that feeling, that is the feeling of the Universal Story. Because every story can be written with that in mind. So I’ve come to accept the theory, but I remain a sceptic.

Large parts in this book are dedicated to the so-called plot planner, character development and emotional development. There was a lot of good information that I could use for my own writing. I’ve even tried to use the plot planner on one of my short stories here, although it might not have worked out as well as I had hoped.

I have become confident through this book that the story that is in my mind is one worth writing, as all the parts that I have in my outline are well categorizable in a plot planner. All that I need to do is write it. Maybe in a not so distant future, I will.

Overall, this book holds a lot of wisdom and tips for anyone who has a keen interest in writing. There is a lot of valuable information as well as tips and tricks to visualize this. I have no other choice but to rate this book ✩✩✩✩✩! It was great!

Did you read The Plot Whisperer? Did it help you? I’m curious for your thoughts and opinions!