Marcus Sakey - No Turning Back

I discovered Marcus Sakey by reading the Brilliance saga. So when I found this book at a book festival nearby, I couldn't just leave it. I had to buy it. There was no other way. And if I bought it, I had to read it. Can you guess what happens after reading? Right. Reviewing!

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This is a fun story. Really, have you ever thought about four normal people, without any criminal record, deciding to go for a robbery? Not just a robbery. One that is safe. One that can’t go wrong! The story evolves in many ways and leaves you turning page after page quicker and quicker.

What I liked a lot was the character development in this book. The main characters all change from the first to the last page, in a good way. They don’t just act differently. You can see in their actions and thoughts that they’ve become different people. Sakey did a great job with that.

The antagonists are well thought out and have a way of creating unexpected turns in the book. They leave you thinking “is he serious?” many times over and over again. Which is great in context of this book.

What I disliked was the ending. Not the action-ending. I liked it a lot. Although it was a bit obvious at some point in the story that events would turn out that way, that was okay for me. But the last chapter… It wasn’t my thing. It feels like something was missing, but I can’t point my finger on it.

Let’s return to the positive side! This book read superfast and was very enjoyable. I guess there are points to improve - which Marcus Sakey already has proven to master in his Brilliance saga. For me, this is a ✩✩✩✩ book. Keep it up, Marcus!

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