Longing for Spring: 4 Books I'm Really Looking Forward To

I know, it’s still only February. But I’m already longing for spring! Why? Because books are coming! Great books! Here are four books that I think everyone should read. I certainly will!

Ace of Shades by Amanda Foody

This Young Adult/Fantasy novel caught my eye. In a good way. I read a quote comparing it to Six of Crows, which I kinda liked. But the premise of this one looks cool. The subtitle is “Take a card and stake your soul”. How awesome is that? Expect it to be released on April 10th!

The Year of the Locust by Terry Hayes

The Year of the Locust has already been delayed a few times. Given that, it might be that it gets delayed again. However, let’s hope Hayes delivers on the 1st of May. This book looks so promising. Let me just quote the synopsis. I think it says enough.

“What Luke discovers on board the Leviathan is that the future of our world is at a deadly tipping point and that only he will be able to stop the cascade of events which are leading them all inexorably towards doom.”

The Crooked Staircase by Dean Koontz

I used to have a love-hate relationship with the books written by Koontz. Some were really good. Others left expectations dangling. But ever since I read The Silent Corner, I’ve been sold for Jane Hawk. This James Bond-esque lady hunts an organisation that drove her husband to suicide. Is it really suicide if you’re driven to it?

While I still have to read The Whispering Room, I am already looking out to the third and final part of this trilogy, coming out on May 8th!

The Outsider by Stephen King

As a Constant Reader, I’m always looking out for new King books. Although I still have some left to read before I can say I’m all caught up, the premise of The Outsider looks so good. Knowing King, it will be a spot-on plot with great characters. Any book from him is worth looking out for.

The expected publication date for The Outsider is June 5th. I really can’t wait!

Are you longing for some books that come out in the next season? What are you waiting for? Let me know by leaving a comment or send me a tweet!