Karen M. McManus - One of Us Is Lying

Once I read a review about this book and was a bit intrigued by the synopsis. The story looked promising and the only thing that held me back is that it's a Young Adult book. I'm not really a fan of the genre, having had bad experiences with such books in the past.

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This time things are different. I like this book. Karen M. McManus is good at keeping a mystery going and I must admit, I was on a wrong path for a long time. But… I guessed correctly. Let’s just say that the title is a big hint. The title could have been The Bayview Four and I would have been looking the wrong way even longer.

The author shows skills in character development, with great growth of Addy, Cooper and Nate. Bronwyn on the other hand is a girl-by-the-book. And that’s not necessarily a good thing here. She’s missing some depth. And so is Simon, by the way.

This book contains some bad people that seem to have no reason to be so bad. And a deus ex-machina that ruins the flow of the book. After that there’s a nice follow-up to a sub-plot that was too long for the book. But I liked how she took the time to end things better.

All in all I was happy with this book. It’s not great, but hey. It’s better than I expected! One of Us Is Lying is a ✩✩✩ book, and I think it could be better if the bad guys don’t feel so fake. Some more background or motivation would be nice.

Did you read One of Us Is Lying? Did you like it? What’s your opinion on it? Let me know by leaving a comment!