Darcy Coates - Craven Manor

I thought I could spend my days best reading horror stories, it being fall and all. However the weather is not getting me in the mood these days. Thank goodness the books are! Here's my review for Craven Manor.

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I’m used to psychological horror stories. You know, not necessarily the gory ones but the ones that keep you looking backwards when you walk on the street and make you hurry up when it starts to get dark. That’s the kind of horror I like. It’s also the kind of horror presented in this book, albeit at a lower level.

Craven Manor does not have gory elements. The story tries to scare you as well as lure you in for more. The latter it does very well: every chapter leaves you wanting to know more of the story. It’s original and fun to read, and at times really scary. But then there was this one character that had to spoil it all.

Kyle really broke the spell for me. At times, it feels like he is there more to ruin the plot than to ruin events in the story. I got really annoyed by his personality as well as by the role he plays in the story. What a letdown!

There isn’t a lot of character development in this book, mostly because there aren’t a lot of characters. Daniel changes but not too much. I think he’ll stay naive forever. And that’s okay. I do like how the spooky characters evolve.

For a horror story, I’m not completely pleased. I guess most has to do with me not being totally freaked out by the book near the end. Also the ending is way too happy. No hands popping up from the graves? Come on! If I compare this book to other horror stories I’ve read over the last years, I must say that it’s a ✩✩✩✩ book. It could have been better and scarier, but it was a fun story to read.

Did you read Craven Manor? Did it frighten you more than it did me? Let me know by leaving a comment below!