Blog Changes - May 2017

Dear readers. I’ve started working on this blog with a purpose: improve my own writing as well as share my thoughts on books I’ve read and films I’ve seen. So far, I published 27 blog posts on 4 months and some days. Even though that’s quite a high number, it’s not good enough for me.

I. Must. Do. Better.

Why? Because in the last two months, I’ve only written eight posts. That’s just not good enough. I’m setting my monthly goal to six blogposts. Let’s see if I get there.

Also, I’m restyling my blog. As you can see, there is a new layout. Indeed, I changed it. Why? So that it is clear to you that there are changes. Duh. In the future, I will also change the layout when other changes are due. This to ensure you quickly notice some structural changes.

Secondly, I’m going to restyle my writing. I followed a course on story telling near the end of April. It was a great course and it let me know that there’s a lot more to writing than just filling blog posts with words. So you can expect my blog posts to contain more story and less bla-bla.

Last but not least, a friend recently told me that I spoiled too much in my reviews. He was interested to see whether the book was any good. But before he got to that part of my review, he already knew a lot about the content of the novel. And come to think of it, he’s right.

I. Spoil. Like. Hell.

It’s true, damnit. You can expect my reviews to have a different structure in the future. I will do my best to address oncoming spoilers. I’ll split my review posts into my two cents and my favourite characters. A brief recap of the storyline will probably not be part of my future reviews, unless you want it!

I guess that’s it. For now, those are the changes that will occur on Reading with @wel_ko. I will keep on sharing my thoughts from my reading corner. Other suggestions or tips to improve are welcome.

Please do not be afraid of the comments section. Last time I checked it didn’t bite. Any input is deeply appreciated.