Alternate Endings: R.I.P.D.

This weekend I saw R.I.P.D., the movie starring Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges. The film got a 5,6/10 star rating on IMDb, not deserving more. Near the end of the movie, I had hope for a superb ending, but it turned out differently. I’d like to share what I came up with, but keep in mind that there will be spoilers up ahead. Here’s my alternate ending for the Rest In Peace Department.

Some Introduction

Detective Sergeant Nick Walker gets shot by his partner Detective Lieutenant Bobby Hayes over some gold they found and hid. Before moving on to the afterlife, Nick is presented with a choice. He can join the R.I.P.D., the Rest In Peace Department, to hunt souls that refuse to go on to the afterlife. Or he can face his judgement, where the theft of the gold will be taken into account. As our hero was a police officer that wants to see his wife Julia again, of course he takes option one. From that point, he partners up with Roycephus “Roy” Pulsipher to hunt “deados“.

He finds out that the gold his partner Hayes was collecting, is part of an ancient artefact powerful enough to reverse the natural flow of life. The artefact, the Staff of Jericho, reverses the flow of souls from the Earth to the afterlife. The movie goes on as Hayes reveals to also be a deado, collecting the pieces of the artefact so that he can stay on Earth forever. For this he needs all the gold pieces of the Staff of Jericho and a human sacrifice, which of course is Julia.

The Real Ending

Hayes stabs Julia and her blood flows into the Staff of Jericho. As the flow of souls is reversed, Roy tries to break the artefact. Meanwhile, Nick fights his way over to Hayes to save his wife. Hayes is killed, the artefact is destroyed and Julia comes in a state between life and death. She can see Nick and tells him how much she missed him. Then Nick tells her she needs to let him go and live. And she does.

Nick is not punished for his disobedience earlier in the movie and Roy gets to stay with the R.I.P.D. for another 53 years. Nick and Roy get to stay partners after this crazy adventure. They will hunt more deados while Julia moves on.

An Alternate Ending

While Julia was dying, I saw a great opportunity. See, Roy has been part of the Rest In Peace Department for over a century. Nick was just in and had to stay for about a century before he could move on to the afterlife himself. So instead of Julia surviving and Roy becoming Nick’s partner for at least 53 more years, think of the following.

Julia dies. She stands up next to her body like Nick did, and is presented the R.I.P.D. choice as well. Since she has been murdered by deados, the Rest In Peace Department sees it as its own fault Julia had to die sooner than planned. Therefore, she is offered to join and stay with Nick before going to the afterlife.

Nick and Roy do not get punished for their disobedient behaviour. Instead, for destroying the Staff of Jericho, Nick gets to team up with his wife while Roy is led on to the afterlife. There will be no judgement for him, all his wrongs have been made right. He can move on after a hard life and a long time as an R.I.P.D. officer.


In my alternate ending, the hero’s wife would not survive. But since the hero is dead himself, this means she can stay with him for the afterlife. How’s that for a love story!

What are your thoughts on this alternate ending? Is this something you’d prefer? Or do you have an ending of your own that you want to share? Leave a comment and let me know!