Alternate Endings: Final Destination

Last year, I did a few posts about alternate endings for movies. Mostly it was what I came up with at the time, and I didn’t do much with it. I can’t really do this on a monthly basis, because I don’t watch enough movies for that. Yet sometimes when I’m looking at one, I think to myself: “could I have done this better?”

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Saturday I watched Final Destination. Again. Not the best film. Not the greatest story. Yet, there is so much potential in it. Let’s see if I can think of a better ending. Watch out though. If you haven’t seen this movie yet.. There are major spoilers up ahead!

So three people survive the massacre that this movie is about. Alex Browning, Clear Rivers and Carter Horton sit in Paris, enjoying a beer. They look back at the events that happened, stating they only want to look forward from now on.

The Real Ending

Alex shows to Clear and Carter that he didn’t really cheat Death last time. Meaning it’s still his turn. He gets really uncomfortable and wants to leave. Clear stops him before he walks under a bus. Carter saves him from a swinging neon sign. After that, Carter asks who’s next. As in response, the neon sign swings back down toward Carter.

This is where the movie introduces the concept of Death looping back to the first one of the so-called list. Yet, what if it didn’t?

An Alternate Ending

So at the bar they are sitting, Alex gets another panic attack. The three characters look at each other and hurry away to the hotel. There, they argue about what has just happened. Carter acts like they should leave this behind and Alex wants to go back home. Clear states they should indeed leave this behind. As it’s storming outside, they all decide to go back home earlier than planned.

On the plane, they take their seats. Suddenly, Alex sees William Bludworth near the beginning of the plane. He looks around, spotting agent Schreck at the back, winking at him. He gets a premonition that the plane will crash and starts screaming he wants to get off. His two friends know what’s going on, so they decide to take Alex and leave the plane. Three other people help them to do this.

As they sit in the terminal, they watch the plane take off. After some minutes, it explodes. They look at each other. The entire story re-embarks.


I like the story behind Final Destination. Even more so, I like that there are FIVE movies about it! If you haven’t seen them yet, you should. The first ones are old, but nothing you can’t handle.

While the original movie’s ending showed nobody was ever safe from Death, my ending would indicate that once you cheat Death, you’ll be able to cheat it again. But it will come back to haunt you.

What are your thoughts on this alternate ending? Is this something you’d prefer? Or do you have an ending of your own that you want to share? Leave a comment and let me know!