4 Reading Myths Busted

As I’m a bit sick and reading a long book called The City of Mirrors, there might not be a review here for a while. So let’s talk about something else. Sometimes, I hear people say these things about books that make me think either they’re not from this world or I’m not. With this post, I’m hoping that it’s them. Let’s have a look at four reading myths.

1 Nobody reads nowadays

Haven’t you heard this one yet? Maybe you even said it yourself. These days, man, there’s the internet and Netflix and youtube and a lot of cooler things than books. Nobody’s interested in those.

Errr, wrong! While I cannot give you any statistics about how much people are reading daily or how many books are still sold, I can tell you this: have you been on a train recently? Because I have. Almost everybody I see either has a book or an e-reader. What they do with that? I don’t think they’re watching Netflix, Sherlock.

2 Books are no longer created

Where the hell does this come from? I don’t know, but some people get the feeling that authors have stopped working. They have “seen the light” and just, you know, quit. That’s not what I see on Twitter though. Many of the authors I follow are still tweeting a lot about them writing. But that doesn’t mean they’re creating a book, right?

Then how about we check Goodreads. Like, almost weekly they give as an overview of 7 great books hitting the shelves. All those books are new. Don’t believe me? Here’s a link to the last one to date.

3 New fiction books only come in series

Okay, there are a lot of series these days. Not only on the screen, also in books. You might have a good point here, albeit that standalone volumes are still created. But you have to look at it from a writer’s perspective. If you can sign a contract for one book, or you can sign a contract for the first book of a series – meaning the others immediately have a contract as well – what would you do?

This year, I’ve read some standalone novels (like The Woman in the Window and The Chalk Man). They were okay. Really. Don’t believe me? Go read them. See for yourself.

4 Fiction books aren’t created anymore

Because everywhere you go, you see non-fictions. Amirite?

Come on guys. Don’t tell me you’ve read this post until here and need me to give further evidence that fiction books still exist. I mean, jeez. While there’s a lot of non-fiction these days, I think it’s safe to say there is at least double the amount of fiction out there. Probably more. I don’t know the numbers.


What have we learnt from this? Not much. Everything in bold is a lie? Yeah, basically!

Do you have any reading myths? Care to bust them?